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Brand Introduction
Spansion is the world's largest company dedicated to providing flash solutions. Flash memory products are used in almost all electronic devices, such as mobile phones, automobiles, printers, network devices, set-top boxes, high definition televisions, game consoles and other consumer electronics. Today, people in the home, office or going out need more multimedia content, and electronic products are becoming more and more complex, so the use of flash memory in electronic equipment will continue to grow. Our solution focuses on the integrated flash memory market. At present, the world's top ten original equipment manufacturers, including mobile phones, consumer electronics and automotive, are using Spansion solutions in their products. Cypress and Spansion announced a merger in 2014 12
Product Series
MCU: 8 bit microcontroller, 16 bit microcontroller, 32 bit microcontroller, 32 bit microcontroller ARM
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronics, medical, electronic communications / network traffic / automobiles
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