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Just Now, The Broadcasting Official Announced The First Batch Of Approved 5G Equipment! What Is The Purpose Of "100 Billion Radio And Television"?

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Today, the official website of China Radio, Film and Television officially released a document entitled "China Radio and Television promotes the completion of model approval of China's first 5G 700MHz equipment into the network".


The RADIO Frequency Technology Requirements for Medium and Low Frequency band5G System Equipment issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was officially implemented in 7month. The first batch of 5G equipment that passed the test according to the technical requirements was recently approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which officially qualified for commercial access to the network.

Last week, Huawei and Qualcomm, two communication equipment giants, successively announced the completion of the world's first end-to-end system solution demonstration and verification of 5G 700MHz bandwidth and the world's first data call with China Radio and Television.

This indicates that China's first batch of multi-manufacturer full chain 700M 5G equipment is approved into the network, indicating that the 5G 700M industrial chain is ready. And all this also has a lot of prelude, China's recent radio and television frequent dynamic.

At the beginning of August, the State Administration for Market Regulation approved the registration of the enterprise name of China Radio, Film and Television Network Co., LTD. (CNTV.COM), and the company is poised to take off.

Last night, the news from the stock market refresh, Oriental pearl TV, gehua cable and other radio and television system listed companies have released the announcement, 47 sponsors jointly set up China radio and television network co., LTD., the registered capital of more than 100 billion, China radio and television network co., ltd. as the first major shareholder, holding 51%.

Some organizations believe that the listed companies of radio, film and television series have raised the tide of integration, which will enhance the content creation, application development and industrial calling capacity of China's radio and television series.

According to the data, in addition to the major shareholder China Radio & Television Network Co., LTD., the shareholding ratio of the top five shareholders of China Radio & Television Network Co., Ltd. is as follows, and the other major shareholders are State Grid Information and Communication Industry Group, Alibaba Venture Capital, Guangdong Radio & Television, Beijing Beiguang Media Investment and Development.

The remaining shareholder investment includes Oriental Pearl、Jiangsu Cable、Wasu Media、Guangxi Radio and Television、Hubei Radio and Television and other companies also have varying proportions of capital。

The funding methods obviously include two major methods,One of the mainstream methods is for listed companies to make capital contributions in cash,The second is that the controlling shareholder of the listed company contributes capital by holding the shares of the listed company。The latter only involves a listed company, Gehua Cable。

Obviously,China Radio and Television and the rest46Promoters to jointly form China Broadcasting Corporation,Is to build a5GNetwork and empower cable TV network,Completion of a cable television network based on the national interconnection platformIPTransform、Intelligent transformation,Promote the transformation and upgrading of cable TV networks,Achieve a national one network and5GIntegrated development,In line with the strategic development direction of each company。

The good news can't seem to hide,China Radio and Television can't hold back,Finally speak today,Issued an official announcement on the completion of model approval for the first batch of equipment to enter the website。

The editor thinks,The official announcement hopes that the public will see“impetuous”Capital market,Lead to the radio and television itself5GNetwork promotion work。after all,Things can't turn the cart before the horse,Can gather hundreds of billions of capital,The core root cause leading many giants into the game is5GNew radio and television after enabling,This is what everyone should focus on。

What sparks will be generated by the cooperation between the new fourth operator and China Mobile to jointly build 5G, as well as the operation characteristics of "radio, television and radio" are the aspects that users pay great attention to.

It is reported that the first batch of approved models are all 700MHz 5G full-band terminal and 5G 700MHz base station equipment, which will be completed under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and relevant national institutions under the coordination of The relevant equipment manufacturers.

The approval certificates were issued by huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Vivo and other domestic and foreign manufacturers, including a number of 700MHz large bandwidth base station equipment, 5G mobile phones, industrial modules, CPE terminals, etc.

It is not difficult to find that the relevant terminal and system service capabilities cover the entire scenario of individual user market and vertical industry user market, the terminal product positioning covers the high, middle and low end, and the chips involve major manufacturers such as Haisi, Qualcomm and Mediatek.

The approval of 5G equipment model lasted only two weeks, setting a new record for the approval of radio transmission equipment model, and playing an important demonstration role in stimulating the vitality of China's communications market and optimizing the business environment.


On the other hand, under the push of China radio and Television, several types of 5G 700MHz base stations and terminal devices from China Telecom, Nokia, Samsung and other manufacturers have also completed relevant approval tests and entered the approval process.

In June last year, China Radio, Film and Television obtained a 5G commercial license. With the support of relevant ministries and commissions, China concentrated its efforts on promoting the maturity of relevant 5G industry chain, and achieved phased results gradually.

In March this year, the 700MHz band 2×30MHz/40MHz large bandwidth technical plan formulated by China Radio and Television Was officially adopted by 3GPP as the international standard of 5G, which is the world's first 5G low band large bandwidth standard. The editor believes that China's radio and television industry has been promoted from international standard setting to global industry chain, which is characterized by "fast and stable", thus setting a new benchmark for global 5G low-frequency spectrum resource use.

In general, the smooth progress of the first batch of 5G 700MHz equipment approved into the network marks the maturity stage of China's 5G 700MHz industry chain, which can also accelerate the implementation of China's 5G 700MHz network construction. It is expected that In the future, China Radio and Television will continue to promote the rapid development of large-bandwidth 700MHz 5G industry chain with global industrial partners in standards, technology, ecology and other dimensions.


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